What's the story?

Hi, I'm Prima and here is my brand story.

What first began as another millennial using quarantine to begin their business journey selling on Etsy - has since become a brand to what you see now.

Currently, I am a full-time Children's Therapist in an inner city. I've always focused on ways to make an impact towards the under-represented. One way I wanted to continue this was to make clothing; something that makes an impact, a statement. Something that makes people feel proud of wearing.

I started with a "Made By Immigrants" sweatshirt originally to show my parents how proud I was to be where I am, due to them. It was a statement I felt eager to wear publicly, too.

I wanted people to read and think, maybe even make them uncomfortable.

What sounds better than looking comfy & making a subtle (not so subtle) statement.

Because the bottom line is this: this country is made by and is run by Immigrants.
And I'm proud to say I am where I am because of them.
So, I say it with my chest.


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